Hope From Holly

Brunch with Santa - Holly's Last Christmas

“A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam, and for a brief moment it’s glory and beauty belong to our world, but then it flies on again. And though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky to have seen it.”

We feel blessed to have had Holly in our world, but her life was too short, just like a butterfly. She belonged to us for 5 years, but on February 4, 2000 she was taken up to heaven to be with God. We have our faith that comforts us with the knowledge of heaven and eternal life, but we will always be saddened that she never got to grow up and fulfill her dreams and wishes. We are also comforted by many people that have helped us get through this tragedy.

Read more about what happened to Holly and the reason for Holly’s Law here:
Our Purpose

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