Passing The Law

THANK YOU to the following primary sponsors:

Senator John O. Bennett

Senator Robert W. Singer

Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley

Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina

The bill, P.L. 2003, c257, was unanimously released from both the Senate and Assembly Health Committees. It passed the Senate 40-0 on May 29, 2003 and it passed the Assembly 74-0 on January 12, 2004.

Thank you to the following New Jersey State Legislators who signed on as our co-sponsors:

  • Andrew R. Ciesla
  • Joseph M. Kyrillos
  • Joseph A. Palaia
  • Joseph F. Vitale
  • Michael J. Arnone
  • Christopher Bateman
  • Patrick J. Diegnan
  • Gary L. Guear
  • John S. Wisniewski
  • Jeff Van Drew
  • Peter C. Eagler
  • Linda Stender
  • Clare M. Farragher
  • Joseph V. Egan
  • Gordon M. Johnson
  • Upendra J. Chivukula
  • Nilsa Cruz-Perez
  • John F. McKeon
  • Linda R. Greenstein
  • Dr. Eric Munoz

Thank you to all of you who wrote letters, made phone calls, and/ or said prayers. Everyone’s contribution to our endeavor was instrumental in helping pass Holly’s Law.

A special thank you to God, who has been our strength throughout our difficult journey. One of our favorite scripture verses is from Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

If you have comments or questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail. I would love to hear from the parents that utilize the antibody blood titer test. I would be interested to know if the child’s physician provided the information and the comments made by the physician.

God Bless.
Robin Stavola

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